Renee Rutz, RCsT,LMT

About Me

I have been practicing some form of healing and bodywork since 1980. I was introduced to massage therapy in my early twenties as a way to deal with a health and career crisis I was experiencing at that time. I found that bodywork offered me a way to connect with myself and get clear about next steps. I found strength and empowerment in the process.

My initial training was in Massage Therapy. I then became interested in more Eastern approaches to health. I studied Polarity Therapy and it exposed me to the bio-energy field of the body and the healing principles of the Ayurveda. Polarity led me to Craniosacral Therapy. Here I felt most at home and have dedicated most of my professional career to learning this modality.

The more I worked with people the more I began to appreciate how our life experience shapes us on all levels. The body is the final reflection of our life experience and holds so much wisdom. My curiosity led me to the field of body centered approaches to healing trauma. I completed intermediate level training in Somatic Experiencing.

I love being outdoors, cooking and dabble in triathlon.

Featured in an interview in the Crazy Wisdom Community Journal: Be Brilliant! How Hospice Saved and Enhanced My Life by Angela Maderas

My Curriculum Vitae